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Storm Lessons

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

For the past couple of days I definitely have had storms on my mind, I think many can say they have as well. Many times over we have seen the destruction that comes along with storms, yet we also can say that we continue to see at the same time the goodness and humanity that emerges during the storms. Life can be looked at in certain seasons of our lives as STORMS! In fact, storms are great metaphors for life... One moment we are basking in the sunlight that seems to kiss every area of our lives and then the next moment the wind is blowing, water is coming at us with a vengeance so much that it feels as though our breath was taken mysteriously right out of our lungs. What matters is what you do when the storm comes, and are you prepared? The storm holds a powerful lesson for us all on how we are living our lives and how we love ourselves and others. It holds powerful lessons on how truly strong and resilient we are. Storms at times pass through our lives quickly or they can slowly hover over our lives longer than we anticipated, leaving lots of unwanted damage and debris or leaving us untouched with a beautiful rainbow. Don't be afraid of the storm! it's where we find our best selves and it is also where we learn our greatest lessons. When we have done our preparation to the best of our abilities our storms will not become a weapon that destroys us but a tool that is used to help propel us into our purpose.

Storms will come and Storms will go, what really matters is what do we do in response to our storms. How we prepare, how we protect ourselves and our loved ones, and how we emerge once the storm has passed!

Learning the lessons for our lives in the storm! ~ Assignment

Take a moment today and think about your coping skills, what does your response look like when the storms of your life begin to rage? Are you equipping yourself with tools that will help you or hinder you? Make a promise and a plan for yourself that will cause you to LEVEL UP "for REAL" in any area of your life that may have damage or debris! you can do it...I believe in you! Be honest, get an accountability partner.....

Example: Today I will not be afraid to acknowledge anything in my life that does not Honor who I want to be, who I have been called to be....that residue from previous life storms that do not compliment me by............................(fill in the blank).

Share your progress by posting a strategy that worked for you on your social media.....#StormLessons

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