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Dawn R.Hammond is a native of Chicago, Illinois. Dawn is an ordained minister, who received her bachelor's degree in Mass Communication from Barber-Scotia College, in Concord, North Carolina. She is also a graduate of Life Coach Institute of Orange County in Hunting Beach, California, and is currently finishing her Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Practitioner Licensure. Dawn along with her degree has obtained several certificates/certifications in human development. Mrs. Hammond has earned a distinguished reputation as a catalyst for change and a voice of hope to the community and is often referred to as a "Lifestyle Designer."


Dawn is the owner and founder of the Discovery House coaching and consulting services; she is also a motivational speaker and known to many as an empowerment coach. Discovery House was birthed through her own personal discovery of self. Dawn correlates a "House" with a Living Vessel and how it is imperative that we keep the maintenance of our own homes intact with each passing season of our lives, this not only adds value to self but it adds value to others. It has been her life's long mission and purpose to aid in the pursuit of discovering the "Jewel" that we all have within, and to enhance the lives of others through the Discovery of their Called Place.

Dawn has been happily married to Elder Kareem V. Hammond Sr. since 1998 and together they share in the joy of raising their two remarkable children; their son Kareem V. Hammond Sr.(KJ)  and daughter Kylayah R. Hammond (Layah).


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