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Understanding the importance of an emotional “DETOX” is so important because unresolved emotional issues become toxic to the body and poison the mind. I don’t have it in me to hold onto things that hurt me and at the same time if someone needs to learn through my absence in their life, I’m happy to play that role as well. There’s a big difference between someone wanting to be around you or with you verses someone just wanting to take your energy. In my experience sickness is more about emotions and lifestyle than strictly dietary. Most don’t allow their body time to replenish its natural ability to heal. Because they are always in the stress response. If you do not learn to listen the messages will become stronger and the situation can become more drastic. For example something within me may be saying to slow down, giving you warning signs as well as stay away from negativity yet you continue to be among the people that weigh you down….eventually you will get sick as a way to force you to slow down and cause you to pay attention to what and who has your attention and time. If your thoughts and environment can make you sick then they can also make you well. Some people say they” can’t afford to do self care”! ”I can’t afford not to”. How you treat yourself will be mirrored back to you, Guaranteed! Let go of the idea that keeping people in your life who treat you poorly makes you a good person. At the end of the day no matter how awake, aware, conscious, gifted, powerful, and blessed you are, what you allow & how you treat yourself and others is what truly speaks for your humanity. Your heart doesn’t need protection it just needs you to listen more closely to its guidance. A closed heart doesn’t get fed. Self respect boundaries allow you to keep your own heart open while sending other people back their own energy to manage.


~ One of the risk of ignoring and not respecting your intuition and the early red flags in any type of relationship is that you are endorsing the old paradigm of settling for less than you deserve.......

~Someone may be toxic for you and that's ok. It doesn't necessarily mean that person is bad or wrong. It just means they are not for you, and for someone else they may be just the vitamin that they needed.

~ We must learn the art of putting events as well as people that are in our lives in the row they belong and not just in a seat that is empty. #dawnoftheday


Evaluate your daily lives and ask an honest question "Am I managing all that I have been entrusted with and am I on top of that list?

  • Name 5 things that you do daily to assure that your participating in your self-care.

  • Think about and add two new ways you can include in your daily activities, that shows you have been diligent in your own personal quest of self care and what does that look like?

  • We all have "To Do List" I would like for you to Start a "To Be List"......Just Be!

Example: (Just Be .......Still.....quite.....happy....Loving....Adventurous.....etc..)

# Self~Care

Share your growth with us! We want to know how your doing......

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Marie Mccants
Marie Mccants
Oct 23, 2018

Just allow God to be in control. Listen to the Holy Spirit and Just be content with whatever is set before me. I KNOW that God is in control and his way is the best way. Just be happy with who I am. Just be Marie!!!

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