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Secure Your Bag

The older I get and the more I realize that most people do not like to deal with the reality of TRUTH. I'm recognizing daily of how people see what they want see, they believe what they want to believe even when the truth can almost slap them in the face. Looking the other way or even making the decision to wear the designer shades called Denial has infiltrated the hearts and minds of many. This in turn left me and maybe others with a question resting on the tip of our tongue, and that question is WHY? and I come to the conclusion that maybe a portion of this reasoning is because it appears easier than dealing with what is real and true, in fact it stings and it's uncomfortable for anyone I believe to come face to face with what's lurking secretly in our appetites that "IT" that seemingly gravitates to people, things places etc..( you know the nouns in our lives) that ultimately grants permissions to allow deception and the surge of negativity to kill off what is right and good! BUT it nevers works for long. The damage that results from it can be costly. The truth will always come back with a nasty bite. You want people to dislike you tell them the TRUTH, watch how you get blackballed, talked about, the script will get flipped quickly. But truth tellers are necessary because they display another array of light that is needed in the earth. It's funny how people love to chant that I want "real" relationships in my life. "I just want people to be REAL with me"~ that's until God sends some real people to hold you accountable and that’s when you can't handle the truth! and that truth is "realness" really does require someone to be honest with you and simply tell you that you shouldn't ask for what you are not grown enough to handle. Maturity roars loudly that You gotta be different to see and hear different and those are the people that seemingly can handle critical feedback and then learn from it. Real men still court women, honor women, and keep their word consistently. Real women are strong, yet sensual, strong but still scared. They know when to take off the "Cape" and be vulnerable. Real people try diligently to govern their lives with the pillar of truth. They reciprocate love, the are empathy, they are kind and thoughtful even with their imperfections. It is rare when you legitimately find someone that truthfully wants you to WIN without the expectation or motive of wanting something else. I recently heard a sermon that stated we must feed what feeds us. Are you giving back to those that gave or are giving to you? Are you respectful of that treasure?

Are you or can you be real enough to examine your self? Are you receptive to the echos from deep within that are crying out from your soul? Do you realize that you are the BAG and it's on you to get inline to SECURE YOURSELF. Meaning be open to the possibility that there are people or a person that wants you to WIN! without the conditions. You are a treasure all by yourself, a treasure that was predestined to live your best life. Our best lives are individually one of a kind and can only be discovered through TRUTH even when it stings, even when it's ugly. So the next time somebody gets real with you, don't reject them, block them, unfriend them, or cut them. Listen to them, thank them, heed to the wisdom of them, you'll know when it's coming from an authentic place......just watch the messenger!



Know who's in the front row of your life.

Ask yourself a reflective question like ex. Are you really open to constructive criticism?

Are you listening to what your soul is saying or are you listening to things/ people that are Anti-YOU?

Write down two areas in your life that needs to change so that you can better receive feedback that helps YOU.

I believe in you!

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