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Changing the Tides

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

Getting rid of the "dead weight" on your BOAT, allows the world to become clearer, the wind to pick up, sailing to become smoother and the sea to get wider. #ChangingTheTides

When you get rid of the wrong people from your ROW and off of your BOAT, the world get's clearer, the wind picks up, you're sailing smoother and the sea gets wider. The way it’s been will not be the way things will continue. No amount of security is worth a life chained to a routine that has stolen and killed your dreams. When wrong people leave your life, wrong things stop happening. The surreal part for me is thinking of all the times that I wrote something and let fear stop me from sharing it. I’m glad some words broke through that wall to reach you, and I’m proud they have helped. The work is all you. We’re all growing and learning. Difficult roads often lead to beautiful places. Get in the presence of those who sharpen you. Get out of the presence of those who push you to dilute yourself.

“Get in the presence of those who sharpen you. Get out of the presence of those who push you to dilute yourself.”

You’ll notice the change in you when you begin to surround yourself with people who can help you, push you and have the same drive to live in their purpose as you do!

Get Rid of the Dead Weight! - Assignment

Take a moment today to sit quietly and write down the 20 closest people to you right now. Reassess if these twenty people are help or a hindrance to your mental, physical and spiritual growth. Determine how they bring purpose to your plan, if you can't determine, you should reevaluate their purpose in your plan....

Share your progress by posting on your social media the number of people who remain in that top twenty and tag us!

Example: Your list of 20 leaves you with 5 people who you believe that add purpose to your plan

Share your growth with us! We want to know you're growing too!

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