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Leveling Up!

I really believed being a good person meant sacrificing yourself and doing everything you could for everyone else. That’s what I thought growing up. And so it took an extreme mirror to show me how dis-empowered of a belief system that actually was. Some growth is incremental and silent. You make strides with ease. Sometimes, the process happens out loud. It’s messy. It’s uncomfortable. It skins you alive, Literally! It has you looking in the mirror at your own ghost. The necessary and complex process of dying to become. We say we want to be set ablaze. But we're also of the habit of trying to tame flames. We want logical and neat progressions. We want to control the force of a wild thing. Maybe the work is figuring out how to allow the fire of life to freely work its course & have its way. Generosity is such a beautiful gift that I would not want trade for anything in the world. It can be fully healthy only when it is paired with the wisdom that comes through the journey of life. The lesson for sure was boundaries. But the bigger lesson was that I don’t have to prove how “good” of a person I am to myself or anyone else. And that yes you can help but you can’t save anyone from themselves. Some people would literally take you down with them without blinking. I've learned to let God do the math in my life so I don't end up adding and subtracting the wrong people, places or things.....(the NOUNS in my life)! I love knowing that there is a plan and that its bigger than what I think. I’m no longer in the business of accommodating everyone’s requests at the expense of myself, in fact unlearning is the most generous and redemptive thing we can for do for ourselves. This is the readjustment period in our lives. The shifting of our ground. Not the end of a thing but a rebuilding of our homes...Hang on! A wise person once said, “God knows where to place you before you even know how to move.” Joyce Meyers said something so powerful and that was on the lines of, “Every area of our life affects another. You can’t have a sick soul and a healthy body!” Positivity is a state of mind you must train yourself to live in. Move in silence, go live your real life, and watch how authentic your work becomes. Your house will be customized and valued. Life hasn’t been “easy”. I’ve worked hard for the space that I’m in. Believe me, I still have a long way to go, but I’m very much thankful for where I am today. Truthfully and authentically leveling up is no joke, you have to lift those weights to lose those dysfunctional pounds. I also recognize how there has been many times where I’ve overplayed my part. But I also had to be reflective enough while embracing and understanding that I had to plant the seeds necessary to reap the harvest that I wanted in my life. Trust me! When I made the choice to Level up in all areas of my being, I had to be courageous enough to go in those dirty spaces in my House (in me). Thankfully I’ve been on a different wave ever since.

What wave are you on? Decide today to decree and declare that this will be the last day of not Leveling Up in your life! Let’s do this work, your authentic ingredient is needed in the earth.


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